Pet Shop in Amritsar

Alex Dog World supported the new conception in dog store with the aim of making trendy, design-led accessories for the up to date lifestyle. At Alex Dog World we tend to are very happy with our reputation for providing happy, healthy puppies that are appropriate for the owner’s circumstances, creating the perfect family pet.

Most of our sales are created to people that have bought puppies from us before or are suggested to us by happy customers. you’re most welcome to visit and browse around our friendly, homely and comfy kennels. We pride ourselves on our niche market and still make sure that a high level of standard is continually maintained throughout the entire operation. We pride ourselves on being the foremost ethical pet stores in the Amritsar. Animal welfare is our prime priority. We’ve had several loyal and supportive customers over that point.

There are varieties of pet shops in Amritsar that take part in the sale of pets in the market. That is impressive Pet shops in Amritsar have opened in the market that sale the pets at different prices. That Pet Shop is famous with the name of Alex Dog World. In Pet shops; varieties of breed’s dogs are available.

Puppies for Sale in Amritsar

Pet sale in Amritsar depends upon many factors. People have considered a lot of things before buying the pet from the market. Below is the list of factors that count the sale of pets.

  • Healthy Puppies
  • Active Dog
  • Trained Pet
  • Friendly in Nature
  • Best Type of Breed
  • Dog Sale in Amritsar also depends upon the training of dog by experts.

Dog Breeders in Amritsar

A lot of things is to be considered for proper training of the dog and good dog sale in the market. First is to consider the type of dog and second its environment. It is impossible to force the dog into learning. There are important tips that work for the training of any dog. What to teach, where to teach, how to reinforce, Good Timings are the most important factors that increase the sale of dog in Amritsar. The dog should be given training around meal times and when the dog is wanted to eat. Use high-Value Reinforces and use to experiment with different reinforces because every dog is different.

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Labrador Retriever

German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

French Bulldog




German Shorthaired Pointer


Siberian Husky


Great Dane

Doberman Pinscher

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Shih Tzu


American Cocker Spaniel



Basset Hound,


St. Bernard

Chow Chow



Bull Terrier

Lhasa Apso